Scarves and Shawls and bags


One of our beautiful range of Scarves or Shawls can really finish your outfit.
Also have a peek at our unique range of bags and belts, with added edition of masks!


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Multi circles soft lightweight scarf/Shawl.007  £39.00 Muted handwriting scarf.F011  £32.00 Navy heart scarf.f291  £25.00
Navy horsehair belt.1004N  £35.00 Navy spot fabric bag.f228  £21.00 Navy stripe fabric bag.f230  £21.00
Nila Rubia turquoise crinkle scarf.2207CH  £29.00 Nomads printed triangles scarf.318T  £24.00 Olive/lichen scarf.  £17.00
One Life lemon flower scarf.A06  £35.00 Powder blue floral Shawl.1418  £22.00 Red cable knit twist snood.1104  £15.00
Red flamingo scarf.f292  £15.00 Resin design triangle bag. L001  £42.00 Rew charcoal checker fastened scarf.932  £62.00
Rew classic black polka scarf.e163  £49.00 Rew classic grey polka scarf.e162  £49.00 Rew navy/cream fastened scarf.e160  £42.00
Rino & Pelle faux fur grey cross snood.661G  £29.00 Rino & Pelle faux fur snow cross snood.661W  £29.00 Rino & Pelle Hipke scarf.777  £39.00
Saffron/gold Sculptured flower scarf.659  £17.00 Sail Blue spot fabric bag.f227  £21.00 Salmon Sculptured flower scarf.669  £17.00
Sketch black leather vintage embroidered travel bag.SK2 Was 245 now...  £199.00 Sketch black/Harris Tweed leather bag.SBH1 Was 42 now...  £35.00 Sketch brown leather vintage embroidered travel bag.SK1 ALSO AVAILABLE IN TAN Was 245 now...  £199.00
Sketch Penelope hot pink pom pom stole.A6P ALSO AVAILABLE IN BLACK.  £48.00 Sketch Penelope natural pom pom stole.A6N  £48.00 Sketch Penelope navy blue pom pom stole.A6B  £48.00
Smash Gosser orange scarf.M33  £28.00 Spot Berry fabric bag.f225  £21.00 Stripe Berry fabric bag.f226  £21.00
Tangerine Sculptured flower scarf.665  £17.00 Tasseled black Italian leather hand/shoulder bag. akrk 50  £49.00 Tasseled tan Italian leather hand/shoulder bag. akrk51  £49.00
Tina Taylor Ikat black snood.1261 ALSO AVAILABLE IN GREY.  £19.00 Tree/cottage fine art scarf.0091  £15.00 Two Danes black/tan circle shawl.9506  £59.00
Two Danes Karolina anthracite/off white scarf.79516  £35.00 Two tone black/cream warm crinkle pleat scarf.0206  £29.00
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