Scarves and Shawls and bags


One of our beautiful range of Scarves or Shawls can really finish your outfit.
Also have a peek at our unique range of bags and belts, with added edition of masks!


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(A) leather vintage satchel.563  £69.00 (A1) black skirt bag.  £185.00 (A1) Cream skirt bag.  £185.00
(A1) Tan skirt bag.  £185.00 A Post Card from Brighton Patcha milk pink chiffon snood.239P  £27.00 A Post Card from Brighton Patcha Winter Sea chiffon snood.239M  £27.00
Adini blue Tye-dye silk shawl.210B  £39.00 Adini Bouquet shawl. 111  £10.50 Adini Fete sea blue scarf.2341  £10.50
Adini Flutter shawl.941  £10.50 Adini mango Tye-dye silk shawl.210M  £39.00 Adini orange wool scarf.199  £30.00
Adini Organza silk lavender shawl.A21L  £39.00 Adini Organza silk pink shawl.A21P  £39.00 Adini Organza silk turquoise shawl.A21  £39.00
Adini peacock floral shawl.2141  £10.50 Adini poppy print scarf.751P  £10.50 Adini Ripple shawl.011R  £10.50
Adini Sienna wool scarf.841  £28.50 Adini Sway shawl.041  £19.50 Adini Viceroy shawl.011B  £10.50
Adini voile peppermint scarf.07P  £15.00 Adini Winter Electric blue wool scarf.COB1  £31.50 Adini Winter Teal wool scarf.189T  £31.50
Adini Winter Turquoise wool scarf.WINT1  £31.50 Angel Circle hot pink basket weave bag.AP2  £49.00 Animal motif silk feel scarf.0228  £10.50
Autumn brown scarf/shawl.0168  £22.00 Barbara Lebek red flower shawl.5534  £25.00 Bianco Levrin silk velvet navy rose scarf. SC96 ALSO AVAILABLE IN LIGHTER BLUE.  £66.00
Bianco Levrin Titto butter yellow silk scarf.168Y  £79.00 Black diamond cluster scarf.7882B  £59.00 Black metallic star scarf.0050  £22.00
Blank burnt orange multi tassle shawl.2492  £59.00 Blank neutral tone mosaic shawl.10895  £52.00 Blank Rose print square scarf.11010  £30.00
Blank vibrant petrol square scarf.10989P  £49.00 Blank Watercolour floral square scarf.3078  £30.00 Blossom bird chiffon scarf.637  £7.00
Burgundy frayed snood.  £15.00 Captain Corsaire burgundy check scarf.2335M  £15.00 Captain Corsaire navy check scarf.2335N  £15.00
Captain Corsaire scarf ocean with white stripe.3999  £22.00 Captain Corsaire scarf white with ocean stripe 36666k  £22.00 Conditions Apply Floriya scarf.2845  £59.00
Contemporary grey pattern scarf.0174  £29.00 Daisy design triple layer face mask.FM003  £7.99 Dark moss/cream scarf.  £17.00
Doris Streich black/red snood.753270  £25.00 Doris Streich black/taupe patterned scarf.764261  £29.00
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