Brigid Foley boutique ladies fashion Tavistock Devon


Mmm...Warm and cosy jumpers to fashionable 'chic'....


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Adini Alex Paris blue knitted tunic.6342  £84.00 Adini Cassy French blue polo neck.2305F ALSO AVAILABLE IN BLACK.  £48.00 Adini Castello kingfisher polo neck.7023K  £69.00
Adini Castello lipstick polo neck.7023R  £69.00 Adini Edra navy sweater.2459  £59.00 Adini Fleet mocha fine knit dress.4386 ALSO AVAILABLE IN SILVER GREY  £58.00
Adini Kalita pink cardigan.1039P  £54.00 Adini Kalita seaford blue cardigan.1039B  £54.00 Adini Karlyn Paris blue cardigan.1073  £87.00
Adini Oxford fuchsia cardigan.1010F  £59.00 Adini Sherie black long cardigan.1081  £90.00 Aine black/char cropped knitted jacket.P18-37B  £195.00
Aine grey striped sweater.P18-44G  £139.00 B.Young Bypusti mint pullover.9530  £39.99 B.Young iceberg cardigan.6436  £29.99
B.Young Jenna birch slipover.0480  £39.99 B.Young Makine grey sweater.8930G  £39.99 B.Young Martine collar sweater.10483  £49.99
B.Young Martine striped cardigan.11237  £49.99 B.Young Mary slipover.0496  £39.99 B.Young Melissa cable Country blue sweater.8918B  £39.99
B.Young Melissa cable seagrass sweater.8918G  £39.99 B.Young Mikala pink sweater.3207  £29.99 B.Young Milo lemon cardigan.1236  £39.99
B.Young Milo olive sweater.0764  £39.99 B.Young Nonina green sweater.0236  £34.99 B.Young Olla oyster sweater.9804C  £39.99
B.Young Pimba crocus cardigan.1151P  £24.99 B.Young Pimba crocus rollneck.11056P  £24.99 B.Young Pimba frosty green cardigan.1059G  £24.99
B.Young Pimba frosty green rollneck.11056G  £24.99 B.Young Pimba kentucky blue cardigan1059B  £24.99 B.Young Pimba kentucky blue rollneck.11056B  £24.99
B.Young Pimba rollneck.1103  £19.99 B.Young Sif aqua grey sweater.1267G  £34.99 B.Young Sif coral cloud sweater.1267C  £34.99
B.Young tan Okira cardigan.0504  £59.99 Backstage Rene zigzag dune/snow sweater.317552  £130.00 Barbara Lebeck black cowl sweater.2020 ALSO AVAILABLE IN NAVY.  £55.00
Barbara Lebek navy ring sweater.1613,1694  £49.00 Bariloche Algodonal purple cardigan.2263  £99.00 Bariloche Andaluz cropped cardigan.3099  £89.00
Bariloche Hibisco navy/cream sweater.3145  £92.00 Bariloche Manzano blue floral sweater.2845B  £89.00 Bariloche Manzano orange floral sweater.2845P  £89.00
Bariloche Seira taupe sweater.3707  £99.00 Bariloche Valeta cardigan.3902  £79.00 Bariloche Yeles navy sweater.4515  £95.00
Derhy black velour cardigan.45014  £139.00 Derhy Cadette lace jacket.5001  £82.00
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