Scarves and Shawls and bags


One of our beautiful range of Scarves or Shawls can really finish your outfit.
Also have a peek at our unique range of bags and belts, with added edition of masks!


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Doris Streich magenta check scarf.77741  £25.00 Doris Streich sunset scarf.545  £29.00 Ella Moda putty soft linen scarf.670T  £37.00
Ella Moda scuba soft linen scarf.670S  £37.00 Eva Tralala Talida ecru 100% wool natural scarf.ET1  £29.00 Eva Tralala Talida taupe 100% wool natural scarf.ET2  £29.00
Faux fur fudge scarf.  £29.00 From My Mothers Garden elderflower scarf.111  £36.00 From my mothers garden Hydrangea cloud scarf.MC11  £36.00
From my mothers garden hydrangea shawl.WB1  £36.00 From My Mothers Garden Sweet Pea scarf.101  £36.00 From My Mothers Garden Velvet dandelion scarf.DV1  £39.00
From My Mothers Garden Velvet Harmony scarf.HV2  £39.00 From my mothers garden wishes shawl.WB2  £36.00 From My Mothers Garden. hope fan.HF1  £19.50
From My Mothers Garden. wishes fan.WF1  £19.50 Grey/birds scarf.f231 ALSO AVAILABLE IN COBALT & FUCHSIA  £9.99 Italian pink leather small cross body bag.h20hg  £40.00
Italian Tan leather small cross body bag. 20di22  £40.00 Jade Sculptured flower scarf.PJ88  £17.00 James Lakeland black/silver cable knit scarf.B15  £30.00
Maria Bellentani natural scarf.1236  £69.00 Masai Adot cornflower spot shawl.997B  £38.00 Masai Adot cream spot shawl.997C  £38.00
Masai Adot khaki spot shawl.997K  £38.00 Masai Adot parrot spot shawl.997P  £38.00 Masai Alaina peacock/black crinkle shawl.205A  £44.00
Masai amethyst printed scarf.1999  £23.00 Masai Aya sapphire wool scarf/shawl.0980  £59.00 Masai black and check scarf. TR4a  £22.50
Masai black and grey scarf. TR2  £22.50 Masai black and pink centred floral scarf TR5  £22.50 Masai black and white zigzag print scarf. kk308  £22.50
Masai black porcelain floral scarf. kk306  £22.00 Masai black scarf with cream lace print. kk303  £22.00 Masai black/cream flower scarf.244A  £22.00
Masai black/cream zag scarf.239A  £22.00 Masai black/dotty scarf.4999D  £25.00 Masai black/stone dot print scarf.9999  £23.00
Masai blue/cream scarf.M229  £39.00 Masai Chilly patterned scarf.5999  £23.00 Masai floral/black scarf.9999F  £25.00
Masai heart red rose scarf.999  £25.00 Masai light khaki circle scarf.991  £21.00 Masai long black & taupe floral design scarf krk707  £21.00
Masai long black scarf with big taupe flowers krk708  £21.00 Masai navy/taupe patterned scarf.6999  £23.00 Masai strpey scarf. TR32v6  £22.50
Mink Sculptured flower scarf.mk1  £17.00 Moss two tone moss warm crinkle pleat scarf.0206  £29.00
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