Brigid Foley boutique ladies fashion Tavistock Devon


Mmm...Warm and cosy jumpers to fashionable 'chic'....


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B.Young Pimba black rollneck.1103B  £19.99 B.Young Pimba botanical green rollneck.1103G  £19.99 B.Young Pimba rollneck.1103  £19.99
B.Young Pimba crocus cardigan.1151P  £24.99 B.Young Pimba crocus rollneck.11056P  £24.99 B.Young Pimba frosty green cardigan.1059G  £24.99
B.Young Pimba kentucky blue cardigan1059B  £24.99 B.Young Pimba kentucky blue rollneck.11056B  £24.99 Kaffe Yoko black rollback.2810  £26.00
B.Young Morla cream/blue stripped jumper.4390  £29.99 B.Young Nelo knitted rose cami.2333  £29.99 B.Young Olia collared jumper.1891  £29.99
Floppy Joe voilet slash neck jumpe.PF4  £30.00 Floppy Joe white V neck jumpe.OF2  £30.00 Fever Bella navy wrap cardigan.255N Was 52 now...  £32.00
B.Young Myrsa sweater.1596  £34.99 B.Young Nonina green sweater.0236  £34.99 B.Young Onema java jumper.3898  £34.99
B.Young Pimba short sleeve pink jumper.2782  £34.99 B.Young Pontelle birch jumper.2757  £34.99 Fever Leon navy ribbed dress.5830 ALSO AVAILABLE IN BLACK. Was 72 now...  £35.00
B.Young Bypusti mint pullover.9530  £39.99 B.Young Martine candy striped jumper.3015  £39.99 B.Young Millox aurora jumper.3525R  £39.99
B.Young Milo lemon cardigan.1236  £39.99 B.Young Milta birch knitted bolero.1594C  £39.99 B.Young Milta blue knitted bolero.1594B  £39.99
B.Young Munia V neck jumper.4636  £39.99 B.Young Otamara sunset jumper.4380C  £39.99 B.Young Otamara Vista blue jumper.4380B  £39.99
B.Young Otari birch jumper.4362  £39.99 Femme dove/white cardigan.4310D  £42.00 Femme navy/white cardigan.4310N  £42.00
Sparkle sleeve black sweater.8641B ALSO AVAILABLE IN NAVY  £42.00 Lily & Me Gabriella cardigan.8078  £44.95 B.Young Olena jumper.3863  £44.99
Fever essential black cropped cardigan.8084  £44.99 Femme white cable neck sweater.4314W  £45.00 Adini Cassy French blue polo neck.2305F ALSO AVAILABLE IN BLACK.  £48.00
Barbara Lebek navy ring sweater.1613,1694  £49.00 Knitted navy zip waistcoat.a69  £49.00 Pomodoro pacific shrug.32202B  £49.00
Pomodoro shell pink shrug.32202P  £49.00 Lily & Me fairlise navy/ecru sweater.21144  £49.50 Lily & Me Hatty sage sweatshirt.22058G  £49.50
Lily & me Meadow lime block sweater.2053  £49.50 B.Young Manina cayenne cable jumper.4372  £49.99 B.Young Marlotte jumper.4631  £49.99
B.Young Martha stripe jumper.3889  £49.99 B.Young Martine phlox jumper.2235  £49.99
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