Scarves and Shawls and bags


One of our beautiful range of Scarves or Shawls can really finish your outfit.
Also have a peek at our unique range of bags and belts, with added edition of masks!


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Blossom bird chiffon scarf.637  £7.00 Daisy design triple layer face mask.FM003  £7.99 Grey/birds scarf.f231 ALSO AVAILABLE IN COBALT & FUCHSIA  £9.99
Adini Bouquet shawl. 111  £10.50 Adini Fete sea blue scarf.2341  £10.50 Adini Flutter shawl.941  £10.50
Adini peacock floral shawl.2141  £10.50 Adini poppy print scarf.751P  £10.50 Adini Ripple shawl.011R  £10.50
Adini Viceroy shawl.011B  £10.50 Animal motif silk feel scarf.0228  £10.50 Adini voile peppermint scarf.07P  £15.00
Burgundy frayed snood.  £15.00 Captain Corsaire burgundy check scarf.2335M  £15.00 Captain Corsaire navy check scarf.2335N  £15.00
Red cable knit twist snood.1104  £15.00 Red flamingo scarf.f292  £15.00 Tree/cottage fine art scarf.0091  £15.00
Dark moss/cream scarf.  £17.00 Jade Sculptured flower scarf.PJ88  £17.00 Mink Sculptured flower scarf.mk1  £17.00
Olive/lichen scarf.  £17.00 Saffron/gold Sculptured flower scarf.659  £17.00 Salmon Sculptured flower scarf.669  £17.00
Tangerine Sculptured flower scarf.665  £17.00 Tina Taylor Ikat black snood.1261 ALSO AVAILABLE IN GREY.  £19.00 Adini Sway shawl.041  £19.50
From My Mothers Garden. hope fan.HF1  £19.50 From My Mothers Garden. wishes fan.WF1  £19.50 Masai light khaki circle scarf.991  £21.00
Masai long black & taupe floral design scarf krk707  £21.00 Masai long black scarf with big taupe flowers krk708  £21.00 Navy spot fabric bag.f228  £21.00
Navy stripe fabric bag.f230  £21.00 Sail Blue spot fabric bag.f227  £21.00 Spot Berry fabric bag.f225  £21.00
Stripe Berry fabric bag.f226  £21.00 Autumn brown scarf/shawl.0168  £22.00 Black metallic star scarf.0050  £22.00
Captain Corsaire scarf ocean with white stripe.3999  £22.00 Captain Corsaire scarf white with ocean stripe 36666k  £22.00 Masai black porcelain floral scarf. kk306  £22.00
Masai black scarf with cream lace print. kk303  £22.00 Masai black/cream flower scarf.244A  £22.00 Masai black/cream zag scarf.239A  £22.00
Powder blue floral Shawl.1418  £22.00 Masai black and check scarf. TR4a  £22.50 Masai black and grey scarf. TR2  £22.50
Masai black and pink centred floral scarf TR5  £22.50 Masai black and white zigzag print scarf. kk308  £22.50
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